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Melody Makai

Melody Makai @
Melody is back for more white cock. Last time she was dancing in the Champage Room and apparently she got terrminated for fucking on the job. She’s now got more time to prowl for white boy dick and she’s come across this filthy bathroom. In the middle of some major masturbation she gets confronted once again with the white flesh sword. She attacks his cock since she remembers who good white pricks taste like. She’s at the mercy of the wall and it looks like she’s praying to it since she’s on her knees drenching his dick with her saliva. She’s not happy with just sucking the energy from him and uses her powerful black pussy to speed up the process. Listen as her ass bounces back and forth on the nasty stall wall but she couldn’t care less. Her titties bounce up and down as her pussy is paying the price for taking in this monster white dick. Melody’s ball draining abilities are second to none and the proof is all over her face.

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Jayla Starr

Jayla Starr @
This black beauty should be hitting the books and not wandering into this wrong side of town. She’s barely legal, she’s 100 pounds at best, and she’s about to find out that white dick is great taste with less filling. Jaylam Starr better have her cell phone handy in case things get really weird since this restroom is the kind you won’t find in any 5 star joint. The musky smell in the air must have gotten to this black teen seeing as she’s shedding her clothes one piece at a time. Her dripping wet snatch is the result of non-stop digit manipulation and she’s ripe for the pickings for a white cock. Watch as she relaxes her jaw to take in a white cock which barely fits through the devious gloryhole. This white dudes throbbing dick is evidence of her mouth muscles getting the job done but not until he’s deep in her fertile uterus. She’s risking carrying around a white baby but the look on her face shows that the thought of pregnancy isn’t running through her mind.

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Sweet Chocolate in the Tub

I been on a date/chat site and been chattin up this girl when I ask her what she doin.  She said she’s takin a bath and talkin to me.  I was like, damnnnnnn, prove it.  A couple seconds later I get this pic on my phone.  I sent her a tasty pic of my meat and she ask when I want to hook up?  I told her like now and shot.  She said I will see you on the curb in an hour if you can get off your ass.  See, girls at BlackFling are just that fun and that easy.  There are tons of horny bitches out there guys, all of em need some attention, and some cock too.  Don’t be shy, get your dick wet tonight and make the hookup.  I get more than a toilet seat and I got BlackFling to thank.  No BS.