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Monet is an hot African American princess who has never been shy about her body. When she takes this guy back to her place, she struts her stuff for him in a firm white skirt. She’s hungry for something luscious, so she gets herself a popsicle and demonstrates just what she can do with her mouth. Off goes her miniskirt and thong as she crams that popsicle into her wet snatch. This man can’t stand to sit back and watch anymore; he stands up, slides his pants off and crams his shlong into her mouth. She likes it better than that popsicle she was eating.

Japan, Devlin Weed, Julian St. Jox

Julian St. Jox and Devlin Weed, for the first time in a long time, have come up short. They were going to go hook up with some hot bitches tonight, but the lot of them bailed for some other club night that they didn’t care about so they just shrugged and figured they’d get some play from a couple hookers. But that’s where they came up short, there was only one working the corner they regularly visit, so the two of them too Japan back to their pad for a little double teaming fun. Putting her on the couch and reaming her out.

Marie Flynt

Marie was there for a modeling shoot and was given a sexy body suit to put on for her shots. After he takes a few test shots of her, he decides that he wants more out of her than just a sexy shoot. So he tries to talk her into sex and she refuses him at first but he coaxes her into it by licking her cunt. She gets all the way into it and starts to return the favor by wrapping her lips around his weiner. He even fucks those jumbo titties of her by shoving his wang between them. Then he pounded the shit out of her chocolate slit with his hard soul pole as she screamed. He gave her a good bang and she opened wide for his chocolate pudding.

Malaysia, Mr. Pete

Mr. Pete has been wanting to slum it for a while and he hasn’t had the chance to find a good girl to do it with. He’s at the point where he’s willing to pay, so he goes looking for a hot bitch looking to score some dough and finds her pimp instead. The pimp sets him up with a room and sends Malaysia in to take care of him. All done up in firm see-through red panties and with an attitude that says ‘the only fucks I give are on my back’ Mr. Pete is sure he’s in for the night of his longish life.

Skyy Jolie, Devlin Weed, Julian St. Jox

Skyy Jolie has been so sad that she could barely get out of bed. She just didn’t know what to do out in the real world anymore and when she finally did get out of bed her boyfriend decided it was time to leave her and move onto greener pastures. Heart broken and barely able to move on she went down to a patio where she was supposed to meet up with some friends and ran into Devlin Weed and Julian St. Jox who could see just what she needed to get a smile going back on that pretty face. Two giant shafts.

Monique, Lethal Lipps

Monique is so hot in the butt that she even makes a dead end hallway sexy. This chubby black diva struts her stuff in this hallway and sucks on a Popsicle. She sits over a small hall table and spreads her legs wide. While she is slowly stripping down, She tickles her twat a little. Her jumbo boobs jiggle over her tank top and when she turns around and gives us a full view of her ass. Her ass is bountiful and she makes her way all over the house. Her boobs finally hang out when she takes her shirt off and soon she is getting fucked doggystyle. Her large anus bangs against his thighs and next thing we know she’s mouthing his dickhead.