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Latest Post this Week – Sweet African Cherry

Cherry has never shot porn before.  She’s an aspiring model and designer looking for some extra cash and to get some orgasms.  For this shoot, she got both.  Cherry loves the camera and she loves to get her freak on.  Getting naked is second nature for this raver, hello kitty mama.  Enjoy some of the sweetest pussy on the planet with Cherry, only at  See her tasty pussy NOW!

See Cherry lose her Cherry.  Cherry likes to squirt, finger and play with herself to get off.  See her exclusive photos and videos at and nowhere else.  Cherry is all JuicyBunny Girl.

Sweet African Cherry’s Puffy Nipples

First timer, Cherry was ready for anything.  She just turned 20, was horny as hell and loves having her pictures taken.  We met and chatted and the vibes were really good.  She was open and loved showing her naked parts.  We quickly decided on an outfit and got started.  Cherry knows her colors and knows which ones accent her beautiful ebony skin.  As she slowly stripped it was evident to me she would be a lot of fun.

Her perfect tits stand up and proud all on their own.  Her nipples grew hard to the touch.  The little sounds she made as I stroked and rubbed her tits, the way she opened her legs, inviting me in, told me this was going to be a great shoot.

Cherry told me it had been almost a year since she had a good fuck.  It was almost a year since she had any fuck.  With that as we took more and more pics, she would let her legs stretch out and press against me.  Her feet explore my calves, thighs and then up to my crotch.  As she felt me get hard she giggle and smiled and began to wiggle her toes around the head and shaft of my cock.

As Cherry lay back I could see a little cream coming out of the bottom of her pussy lips.  She was a shy at first cause she knew she was getting super wet.  As I rubbed her foot and pressed it against my dick, I pulled her legs apart and saw the prettiest pinkest pussy I had seen in a long time.  She asked me if I wanted to eat her…I smiled and leaned in.

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Cherry Updates with Some Cute Self-Pics

Cherry is one of our favorite models to work with.  She loves the camera and loves taking pics showing off her hot and sexy self.  More than that she is a Tiger in bed and loves to go for a ride on Space Mountain.

Cherry has plans to enter and dominate the fashion industry one day.  Her unique style, exquisite taste and natural beauty will make her a winner.

Cherry is proud of her African heritage and proves to be a very strong woman indeed.  She is smart, sexy and stylish and when you see her at JuicyBunny you can know this is her debut and only adult content to be shot.  We have the exclusive photos and videos of Sweet Cherry just for our JuicyBunny members.

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This is a new feature we are adding to our blog at JuicyBunny.  We want to give our fans, surfers, members and friends the chance to help select the future bunnies we shoot in the coming months.

Today’s JuicyBunny goes by the name of Mickie.”  In our opinion, Mickie is the perfect example of Sweet African Cherry Girl.  Ripe, perfect tits, tight body, beautiful smile and a pussy that could crack open a beer.  Sweet, Mickie can work the camera and she works our hearts and dicks for sure.

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Summer in White Cotton Panties

Summer is a hot Afro-Cuban Brazilian Mix-Babe from the Deep Dirty South.  We met her in an online chat room and the next week she was with us making her first adult movies.  Summer is in her very early 20′s and really beginning to explore  sex, her body and everything that makes being grown up.

Summer - JuicyBunny Girl |

For her shoot we had some very special plans.  Summer likes to self-explore and explore other people.  In addition she does not mind getting a little freaky in the bathtub as she lets go all her inhibitions and squirts for all she is worth.  We spent a warm summer afternoon with this college girl and got plenty of photos and videos just for JuicyBunny members to see.  Don’t look around or wait around, you will find little content outside of JuicyBunny that features this deep dish lover.


Sweet African Cherry’s Self-Pics

Our favorite African Bunny, Cherry sent these to our cell phone tonight.  She is really blooming into a beautiful young woman.  Her tits are growing and she loves to lick them as you pound her pussy deeply with cock, toys and other pleasure items…

African amateur model, Cherry - exclusive -

Cherry is full of confidence and has a real entrepreneur spirit.  One of her favorite colors, orange reflects off her sweet cocoa creme body and makes you think of the delicious tasty sweets inside…

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We are hard at work to bring Cherry back for another set.  Let us know what you think about her.  Is she worth it?