Donna Red, Jasmine

Donna Red was looking for one of her friends at his house, but found one of his friends housesitting, and realized that she might not have the place to stay that she thought for the night. That is, until she offered up some skin to this guy to entice him to let her stay. She whipped out those humongous boobs of hers, and then bent over so he could examine her perfect round booty. She takes out his big veiny dick and plunges it down her throat, sucking it stiff and covering it with her drool. She makes sure to give him the best blowjob ever so he could have her stay, and she knows she’s got it locked when he cums on her face.

Lisa Belize

Lisa Belize
Lisa Belize @
Today is Lisa Belize’s lucky day. She walked into this week’s secret gloryhole and the nastyness of the stall instantly got her snatch sloppy wet. But what she didn’t know was the white guy that showed up in the stall next door had one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. Not to mention it was her very first white cock. She sucked and fucked the lucky stud on the other side ’till he splooged all over her sexy chocolate face.

Lisa Belize Lisa Belize

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Mz. Caution, Nathan Threat

This dude better be in the mood for a giant helping of chocolate, because Mz. Caution has some of the biggest natural hooters you’ll ever see on a MILF, and she’s ready to not only wrap his dong in them, but wrap his entire body in them! She can’t even keep those boobies contained, let alone that juicy snatch, and her mouth was good to go for his hard meatstick. When she got on top of him to start riding that thick wang, those knockers were jiggling everywhere! And wait until you see that big ass riding him! For a giant model, she must be firm, because this mom was able to milk every last drop of dong sauce down her throat with ease.

Soleil, Byron Long

Byron Long had a great time with the one pool partner he had the other day, but pounding her so suddenly and with nothing else on his mind he decided to drop in on one of his old friends Soleil to see if she was still all about the no-strings pounding. She was at her regular spot and the moment she saw her old friend with his giant pecker already half hard she just started pulling her shirt up and smiling. He came forward and she pulled his weiner out to get a good look at her old friend and partner.


Despite her name, Spanish is an eager ebony slut, willing to do whatever it takes to get her name in lights. She doesn’t mind as the photo shoot gets raunchier and steamier, pulling off her bikini with wild abandon and showing off her assets for all who care to look. She happily gets it on with her photographer right there in the middle of the photo shoot while the clip camera just keeps on rolling. She sucks the dude’s dickhead, getting it nice and slippery, and then he nails her right there on the chair! He pops her doggy at first, then sits down and she rides his dong reverse cowgirl until he blows his jizz all over her sexy chin.

Queen B, D. Snoop

Queen B has one giant round dark backside, and a pretty impressive set of natural boobs to go along with it. This large rump ho is eager to get worked by the enormous ebony meatstick of D. Snoop. He shakes her giant ass cheeks and then buries his face deep in her anus crack while she shakes her back. Queen B hauls out Snoop’s long thick rod and gobbles down her throat hole before he goes back to being smothered by her huge anus. D. Snoop pumps the hell out of her plump coochie and then leaves a large mess of cum all over her enormous backside.

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