Maserati XXX

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This strip club should charge its customer two covers: One for Maserati and another because of her enormous tits. We’ve front row to Maserati XXX and she’s shaking the goods for some dead presidents. The stage is Maserati’s domain and we’re in for a show that’s going to demand an encore. This is normally the type of club where no shenanigans go down; however, things aren’t what they always seem. A couple of anonymous white cocks poke through during Maserati’s dance and the lewdness is just about to begin. Maserati XXX forgoes calling over a bouncer and , instead, decides to suck on both white cocks until her esophagus – like the club- is at capacity. Maserati XXX slurps on both faceless white cock until her black pussy is nest for the taking. this busty, black sexpot rides the wall as both white cocks. The club’s promoter is none the wiser as Maserati XXX milks both white cocks and it’s inevitable that she’s earned her cash money.

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Julie Kay

Julie Kay Julie Kay
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Julie Kay wants to get knocked up. Badly. She’s been working on it for months but to no avail. This leads her to a specialist in the field, Dr. Knight. The good doctor is known for “cutting edge” and “non-traditional techniques” when it comes to helping a woman get pregnant, and today’s he’s going to implement one of those techniques. He’s got three men with higher-than-normal sperm counts; in fact, these guys have counts so high, they’re in the top 1% of the male species. In addition, Dr. Knight strongly feels that when a woman’s sexuality is heightened, the chances for a pregnancy are significantly higher as well. The doctor will actually participate in his own procedure, before all four men deeply inseminate Julie. You’re reading this correctly: all four men take a turn unloading deep inside Julie Kay without any break whatsoever, which is Dr. Knight’s final procedure. If this doesn’t work, Dr. Knight will make another appointment…this time, with more men!

Julie Kay Julie Kay

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Jasmine Webb

Jasmine Webb Jasmine Webb
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Jasmine Webb is distraught. Why? She’s just spent more of Hubby’s money, and when he discovered this, the shit hit the fan. What’s more tired than that cliche? He left in a storm and jumped a flight to Vegas, where he’ll vent his frustrations on the Black Jack table and at various strip joints. And wouldn’t ya have guessed? Not thirty minutes after he stormed out, the furniture arrived! To Jasmine’s delight, the delivery boys are white — and cute! Watch Jasmine violate all her marital vows as both white boys take turns using her wet mouth and beautiful ebony cunt in order to satisfy their needs.

Jasmine Webb Jasmine Webb

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Amilian Kush

Amilian Kush Amilian Kush
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Amilian Kush and her hubby-to-be have just moved into their new home, and for the past week have been renovating the entire place. New floors. New paint. And repairs galore! It’s a “fixer-upper”, and that’s what they’ve been doing. While her finace is at work, Amilian’s been supervising the 2-man work crew. They’re great, and Amilian’s developed a crush on the two. She’s also concerned, just like anyone who’s about to marry would be: this is the last person I’m going to have sex with. So, like any good slut, she’s going to try and “sew her wild oats” before her Big Day! Amilian’s out inspecting the finishing touches the two have put on her back yard fountain when it all goes down. A simple conversation turns into a menage-a-trois, turning a bride-to-be into a world class cheater. These two take turns fucking her skull and cunt before dropping two immense loads all over her pretty, ebony face! Oh, and the fountain got fixed, too…right before her man got home!

Amilian Kush Amilian Kush

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Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx
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Chanell Heart and Jenna Foxx are a couple. Chanell is bi; Jenna is gay. Chanell feels that she might be able to “turn” Jenna straight! All it’s gonna take is a big, white dick. Enter Criss Strokes, one of Chanell’s fuck buddies. Listen as Chanell coaxes Criss over to fuck both of them silly. It really doesn’t take much to get Criss to come over, does it? Once in their bedroom, Criss takes Chanell’s willing cunt…and Jenna’s reluctant one! But sure enough, Chanell was right! As Criss pounds Jenna’s barely-legal black snatch, she cums and cums! Then Criss unloads a week’s worth of baby batter directly into Chanell! What’s left? Clean up for Jenna! This is where the drama pursues. Wait til you see what happens!

Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx Chanell Heart & Jenna Foxx

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Interracial Family Affairs 4

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Stars: Rachel Raxxx JW Ties

The other day I was taking a shower. Daddy walked in on me and couldn’t stop staring at my tits, I mean they are JJ’s after all but still! I yelled at him and he stumbled out. Later I went to check on him.. I cracked the door and daddy was in his bed touching himself. I figured he was masturbating to my tits and got so turned on and I walked in to his room. Daddy was a bit embarrassed being caught like that but when I pulled out my tits he was completely speechless. I’m not sure why but I encouraged him to touch them and before long we were making love in daddy’s bed. Many nights, I would go in and snuggle up next to dad and it would comfort me. Last night something very different happened. I went into daddy’s room and cuddled up next to him. Before I fell daddy began rubbing me in his. I know it was wrong but I didn’t want to disturb a good dream. I accidentally touched his cock and the hardness made me tingle. Next thing I knew daddy was spooning me and sliding his cock in my pussy. I came really hard from the sensation and soon felt daddy ejaculate inside me. Who knew men could cum sleeping?! I told daddy I waned to get pregnant again he started acting a bit weird. So weird in fact that when we started fooling around the other night he pulled out a condom. He had never done that before. Daddy knows how much I enjoy the feel of him spilling his seed in me! I love the feel of him squirting his load inside me and warmness I feel when it leaks out. But he said we couldn’t risk it and put on that condom. I was horny as hell so we still fucked til both of us came hard…. But I’m not giving up, I’ll find a way to get his seed again soon.

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