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African Girls Love to Fuck


African Girls are really fun to get to know and to fuck.  Always ready for adventure and seeming to have an endless desire for cock, they are my girl of choice to fuck.


African babes are so tight.  This surprises me considering some of the boyfriends I have heard about.  These dudes from African make American black dudes look like twigs. Still, each girl loves every cock and the guy behind it.  Be nice, and sweet and treat them with respect and these sexy mamas will love your dick like its the last one on earth.



I took this pic last night after a good fuck with Annie.  Annie loves to go all night long.  The first time we made it she could barely take my cock all the way in.  Now she attacked me like a hungry animal the moment I walk through the door.  In our jungle, i am definitely king and she is my proud fucking queen.