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Skinny Ghetto Babe Beanie Likes My Dick

This girl modeled for me earlier in the week.  She is new to the game, so please welcome Debbie, aka, Beanie.  I like her body though I wish she would not have so many tattoos but what the hell.


Beanie decided to do some modeling after he old man got sent up to Chino for jacking cars in Rialto.  Babies gotta eat.  Its cool with me.  She was sweet despite her tough looks and after we finished the photo shoot she was down for some more fun off cam.  Let’s just say, Beanie loves white cock and after giving me head for like 20 minutes she was already to climb on up and take me for a ride.  It must be 6 months since her Boo got sent up cause she was tight as tight is.  She even let me stick it in her ass too.  Before I finished I pulled out and she sucked me clean before sticking it back in her pussy where she just hammered it.  After a couple minutes I was jizzin and poppin all up in that shit.  We gonna meet this weekend coming up for round 2.  I found here on this site.  And you can find your own hot African pussy there, without a doubt.

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