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Connie – Tight African Phuk-Bunny!

Connie is from Mauritius and is 25 years old…
Connie came over to the garret (that’s French for attic/artist loft/fuck room) for our shoot. This was supposed to be just a test shoot and to get to know each other. I showed her some of my work and a couple of videos. She was shy at first but she wanted to see more.

She was worried that her family would find out but I told her we did not want that to happen. We could disguise her if she wanted us to. She tried on some Parisian Party masks and did not like them at all… she eventually became more relaxed and asked if we wanted to photograph her.

Connie, tight little spinner from Mauritius!
Connie, tight little spinner from Mauritius!

She slowly began to undress as I shot away. She really has such a beautiful body, with firm round breasts and dark chocolate nipples. the hornier she gets the bigger her nipples get. I brushed up against one of them and she let out a small sigh. She pressed her leg against me and asked if that was okay. I said sure, as long as she did not worry about my hard on getting in the way.

She smiled and licked her lips. She asked me if I ever ate an African girl’s pussy. I lied and sad no. She settled back and asked me if I wanted to eat hers… Sure, I said, but lets work a little more…I will surprise you when I am about to go down. I want you to get really wet first…

Nice round African bubble...Connie At HotAfricanPussy
Nice round African bubble...Connie At HotAfricanPussy

5 minutes later I was licking the sweetest tightest little muff I had seen in a long long time. She was pretty aggressive and really ground her pussy against my face, urging me to sink my tongue deeper and deeper into her. She begged me to let her suck my cock as she wanted to taste me before I fucked her in her tight little ass. She said she was afraid to get pregnant and did not like condoms… so if it was okay with me, could we do anal…

She pulled off my shorts and pulled out my huge dick, already dripping at this point. She moaned with anticipation and began to greedily suck at the big purple head. By now, I was really big and ready to plunge deep into her ass… She rolled over and licked her lips and rubbed it across her asshole… She slowly backed up to me and prepared to give me her sweet chocolate starfish… Wanna see the rest, you must cum inside AfricanGoddesses.com! Enjoy, my friend, these girls never disappoint.