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Shaved Ebony Pussy with Pierced Nipples

This girl is a total freak.  Just the way I love my models.  She came over and asked for some oil.  Quickly after filling out her papers she took off her shoes and began to apply the oil to her legs.  Her long fingers wrapped around her feet and covered her beautiful toes and ankles and slowly worked their way up to her thighs.  She pushed her skirt up a bit and after thinking about it for a minit, she stood up, pulled offer denim skirt and panties and took off her top.


Meloa leaned up against the wall and applied the oil to her tummy and tits. She put the oil down and began to massage into her stomach and breasts.  As the oil rolled down over her perfectly sculpted mid section she began to massage it into her pussy.  Her pussy got wet and she began to moan.  She pinched her nipple as a long finger slid deep into her pussy.  She looked up, almost forgetting I was there with my camera.  She said, “You gonna put that thing down and fuck me or what?”

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