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Ebony Pussy Fucks Me Hard

Gotta admit I’m going through a phase.  I just can not get enough hot ebony pussy these days.  I love black girls cause once they warm up to you you are in for a mind-blowing sex trip.  Girls I been hookin up with are skilled, clean, fun and love to please their man.  This babe, Thea loves takin my dick out and strokin it with her hands then her lips and finally between her big dark brown chocolate tits.

I met this girl on line and we went for a drive out to the airport for some drinks.  On the way back, we were laughing and feeling each other up, she told me to stop the car.  I pulled over and she jumped out.  Told me to come out with her. I jumped outta the car and man she already was on her knees with her pants down begging for me to fill her with white dick.  Can’t say I said no. Hehe.  That was some sweet pussy, man.

Last girl is tonight’s date.  She’s been sending me pics all week long and after getting this one I told he I was going to bust a nut all over the cart if we didn’t hook up.  We going out tonight.