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Hot African Pussy for 9/11


Last night’s hookup.  Took a snap on my phone before we got busy. Hell was both drunk and she was cool with it.  She’s proud as fuck of her twins.  And I love suckin on em and playin hard with em too.  Shanice digs and she dont mind if it gets a little rough.  We met offa Black Date Hookups a couple weeks back and finally went out last night.  Shanice actually asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie and fuck.  We been playin the webchat so we already been kinda havin sex and shit. lol.  Thats the cool thing about Black Date Hookups.  You can get to know people and figure out if you are compatible or not.  We are made for each other. Shanice likes to cook and I love to eat her out so…lol, its all good. Sign up today and maybe you can find your Shanice.