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Lavonda is a nerd.  A Hot, Horny, Nerd.  We met on line a couple weeks back and I asked her what she was up to.  She had a bf the last time we text but now she said she is free and wide open.  I asked her how free and she sent me this pick.  I called her and asked if she wanted to do something.  All she said was F-U-C-K!    You need some hot horny black bitch to drink yo seed you can find em at this place.  if you cant find some pussy you must be in da cemetery.  Go ahead, you aint dead yet, give it a shot and send me a comment.  Send me a pic if you get some pussy,  Shit, WHEN you get some pussy.

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Meet one of the ladies I work with.  Simone is hella hot and horny.  She’s got the sweetest, fattest and tastiest pussy you ever seen.  And she loves ridin dick cowgirl style.  We were at lunch a few days ago and she asked me if heard of this site.  I laughed, tapped up my iPhone and showed her my profile.  We are both married and didn’t know the other was looking for a little side action.  Last night we hooked up at a motel down the street from the job.  We gonna be tappin that shit for a long little while now.  Aint life the damn thing?  Find you some extra booty on the side by checking this site.  They got mobile here too!  Go ahead, make yo move.  Beats jerkin off when you can give a big titty hottie suckin your cock by the time you finish this.

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This week’s updates include a nice video, two actually of the hot and sexy Candace Von.  Candace gives us a candid interview and explains all of her favorite uses for her toothbrush.  She is a freak in bed and we love this girl so so much.

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